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51 "JOSEPH, Eastham, s. of Henry, by w. Martha had Joseph, b. 9 Dec. 1701; Martha, 9 Nov. 1711; Ann, 12 Dec. 1713; Paul, 11 Aug. 1716; James, 25 Dec. 1718; John, 18 Jan. 1721; Uriah, 7 Sept. 1722; and Hannah, 4 Apr. 1725. " ATKINS, Joseph (I939)
52 "Josiah Bull was a carpenter and a member of the Oswego Meeting of friends."

Quaker Births From Oblong Monthly Meeting

Dutchess County, New York

LDS Film # 873511,
Records of Josephine Frost

Transcribed by Debbie Axtman

Pages 41 - 44

Bull Children of Josiah Bull & Ruth:
Josiah Bull b. 3 of 6m, 1738
Mary Bull b. 11 of 3m, 1740; d. 11 of 2m, 1748
Joseph Bull b. 28 of 11m, 1741
Sarah Bull b. 25 of 10m, 1745
Benjamin Bull b. 17 of 4m, 1746
Robert Bull b. 28 of 5m, 1748
George Bull b. 13 of 11m, 1751
Henry Bull b. ???, 1752
Ruth Bull b. ???, 1754 
BULL, Josiah (I743)
53 "LOOK, THOMAS, Lynn, had Thomas, b. June 1646; Sarah, 12 Mar. 1648; Jonathan, July 1651; Mary, July 1654; and Elizabeth May 1656, wh. m. 17 June 1675, Joh Kenny, had John, b. 25 Mar. foll. and Elizabeth 6 Feb. 1678. Jonathan was of Topsfield 1684. " LOOK, Thomas (I841)
54 "Married by Capt. Gorham." Family F40
55 "MATTHEW, Lancaster and Sudbury, s. of Simon the sec. by w. Mary had Joseph, Mary, Adams, and Rachel.
The dates of neither are giv. by Barry or Bond, yet they interchange priority betw. 2d and 3d. He d. at S. of wh. he was deac. and his will was pro. 9 Aug. 1743." 
STONE, Rachel (I855)
56 "Mayflower Families (Ref. 39) indicates died in Eastham." PAINE, Joseph (I573)
57 "Of Tisbury. See Lynn VR." LOOK, Thomas (I841)
58 "Of Yarmouth." WHELDEN, Gabriel (I952)
59 "On the 10th of March, 1886, Mr. Smith wedded Miss Mercy E. Fish, who was born in Ontario, Canada, September 23 1861. When she was eight years of age (1869), she was brought by her parents to Missouri, residing in that state until 1882, when she came to Oregon." (Centennial History of Oregon, p.367)

From 1880 Census:
Orrin A. Beebee a.39 bp:NY
Hellen J. Beebee a.36 bp:WI
Orrie Beebee a.6 bp:MO
Adolphus Beebee a.2 bp:MO

Nettie Fish a.21 bp:Canada servant father's bp:NY mother's BP: NY

Elizabeth Fish a.18 bp:Canada servant father's bp:NY mother's bp:NY
Salt River, Shelby County, Missouri 
FISH, Mercy Elizabeth (I422)
60 "ORNE, NATHANIEL, Barnstable, a mason, came from Nantucket with w. Mary, but was prob. s. of George of Boston. He d. 23 Nov. 1696, had ds. Susanna, Deborah, b. 1 Apr. 1692; and Jane, 24 Oct. 1696, only the last two at B. and the youngest d. soon. His wid. m. 14 Oct. 1697, Samuel Sturgis, and had seven more ch." ORRIS, Mary (I459)
61 "Richard Paine, son of Joseph and Patience Paine of Harwich, mar. Phebe Myrick of Eastham, Oct. 21, 1726 and went to Truro, and from thence moved to Eastham. His children, born in Truro and Eastham, were: (206) Phebe, born April 28, 1728. (207) Rebecca, born April 18, 1730. (208) Bette, born April 22, 1732. (209) Dorcas, born March 14, 1733-4. (210) Richard, born Aug. 14, 1736, went to Gorham, ME., and was a blacksmith. (211) Joseph, born in Eastham, April 21, 1744, married Phebe Rich, Jan. 20, 1767, went to Standish, ME, died Oct. 13, 1827. (212) William, born Sept. 30, 1743, married and went to Gorham, ME in 1770. (213) Thomas, born Dec. 19, 1745. PAINE, Richard (I453)
62 "RICHARD, Nantucket, said to have come from Isle of Wight, had Jonathan, b. 12 Nov. 1684; Shubael, 7 June 1691; Nathaniel, 22 Jan. 1693; Deborah, 28 Feb. 1695; Daniel. 8 Dec. 1697; Barnabas, 3 Jan. 1700; Peleg, 5 Feb. 1702; Theophilus, 14 Mar. 1706; and James, 19 Feb. 1708; but the same of w. is not seen in Geneal. Reg. VII. 263. She was Mary, d. of Hon. James Coffin. " PINKHAM, Richard I (I829)
63 "RICHARD, Plymouth, 1632, rem. to Eastham 1653, brot. from Eng. Jonathan and prob. other ch. was rep. 1655, and 6, and d. 8 Jan. 1660. His will of 19 Nov. preced. names w. Pandora, and s. Jonathan, Excors.; and gr.ch. John, Priscilla., and Rebecca." SPARROW, Richard (I581)
64 "RICHARD, Yarmouth 1643, m. says the fam. tradit. a Burgess, perhaps d. of Thomas, whose d. Ruth, also, m. ano. Richard T. His w. was drown. 4 Dec. 1673, and he d. next yr. leav. two s. six ds. John; Joseph; Mary; Martha, b. 18 Dec. 1650; Elizabeth; Ann, bur. 29 Mar. 1650 aged a yr. and a half; Hannah, and Sarah, of wh. this last d. num. 3 July 1695; Mary m. a Merchant; Martha m. 3 Dec. 1675, Joseph Bearse; Ann m. 25 June 1679, Josiah Davis; Hannah m. 19 July 1680, Job Crocker; and Elizabeth m. 20 Dec. 1680, Samuel Cobb. " TAYLOR, Richard (I1118)
65 "s. Joseph" TRIPP, Abiel (I761)
66 "She had married (1) Thomas Rogers." Family F54
67 "Sister of Nathaniel Felton." FELTON, Judith (I1399)
68 "STEPHEN, Newbury, s. of the first Tristram, m. Mary Bunker, had at Nantucket, Dinah, b. 21 Sept. 1671; Peter, 14 Nov. 1673; Stephen, 20 Feb. 1676; and sev. more, perhaps, among them Paul, 15 Apr. 1695. " COFFIN, Stephen (I824)
69 "The youngest son, Nathaniel born 1714, an older son of that name having died in 1711, is undoubtedly the Nathaniel Sturgis "of Barnstable, Yeoman," whose will was proved July 10, 1780 (11-158)." STURGIS, Nathaniel (I449)
70 "THOMAS, Nantucket, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth Bunker, sis. I think, of William, not d. as the Nantucket Mirror of 22 Mar. 1856, makes it, had Experience, b. 22 Nov. 1672; Elizabeth 28 Nov. 1675; Jane, 24 Dec. 1680; and others; rem. to the Vineyard, where the name was perpet." LOOK, Thomas Jr. (I823)
71 "THOMAS, Newbury, from Marlborough, in Wilts, arr. at Boston 3 June 1635 in the James from Southampton, came out under colltr. with Sir Richard Saltonstall and others, to keep their cattle, in wh. he was neglig. and unfaithf. as the Ct. rul. yet was adm. freem. 17 May 1637, by w. Susanna, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1650, had Tobias, b. 1638; Benjamin, 1 May 1640; Joseph, 2 Dec. 1642; John, 1644; Isaac, 20 Feb. 1647, bef. ment.; and Joanna; rem. to Hampton, m. 11 July 1651, Mary, wid. of Edmund Johnson, wh. d. 30 Jan. 1663; and he took for third w. Margery, d. of Philip Fowler (wid. of Thomas Rowell of Andover, wh. had been wid. of first Christopher Osgood of A.) He rem. to Nantucket bef. 1663, there d. 1682, aged 80. Perhaps Susanna, wh. d. 2 Jan. 1643, was his d. Coffin says he spell. his name "Coultman," but in my opin. it was Coaleman, or Coulman, as in old writ. e is freq. tak. for t, and u for a is common eno. error in mod. " COLEMAN, Thomas (I845)
72 "THOMAS, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, was s. of Thomas of Lechlade, in Co. Gloucester, near Cricklade, in Wilts, m. 5 Aug. 1624, Patience, d. of Elder William Brewster, had Thomas, Rebecca, Hannah, Mercy, and Sarah, of none of wh. are dates of b. kn. His w. d. 1634, and he rem. to Duxbury, m. 1 Apr. 1635, Mary, d. of William Collier, and was chos. Gov. that yr. and for two or three yrs. aft. an Assist. and Gov. again in 1638, afterwards an Assit. many yrs. this w. he had Jane, b. 1 Nov. 1637; and prob. Mary, Elizabeth and Judith; in 1645 rem. to Eastham, there again. chos. Gov. 1658, and there his w. d. A third w. Mary in 1662, was wid. of Samuel Freeman, sen. and he rem. again, 1663, to Plymouth, there he d. 29 Mar. 1673, aged 72, leav. wid. Mary. The s. Thomas went to Eng. m. and d. young, leav. wid. and d. Susanna. Of the ds. all were m. and we kn. the dates of all but one, and the name of her h. is obscure, even after the inquiries of Mr. Hamblen. Rebecca m. 22 Apr. 1646, Edmund, Freeman, jun.; Hannah, m. 13 Feb. 1650, Nathaniel Mayo, and sec. h. Jonathan Sparrow; Mercy m. 13 or 14 Feb. 1650, John Freeman; Sarah m. 1650, Jeremiah Howe of Yarmouth; Jane m. 9 Jan. 1661, Mark Snow; Mary m. John Tracy of Duxbury; Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 1667, Arthur Howland, jr.; and Judith m. 28 Dec. 1685, Isaac Barker of [[vol. 3, p. 478]] Duxbury. See Morton's Mem. by Davis, 421-5; Mitchell's Bridgewater; Winsor; and Geneal. Reg. VI. 234." PRENCE, Thomas (I583)
73 "WADLEIGHT, WADLEY, WADELY, WADLAW, WADLEE, or WADLOW, JOHN, Saco 1636, of gr. jury 1645, rem. to Wells, there kept an inn 1648, was a selectman, had Robert, subm. to Mass. 1653, and d. 1671. His inv. 20 Sept. shows good prop. JOHN, Exeter, s. of Robert of the same, sw. alleg. 30 Nov. 1677, was one of the excited declaim, against the governm. of Cranfield, with his brs. JOSEPH and ROBERT, in concur. wiht Edward Gove, wh. in 1683 were by the gr. jury charg. with high treason. ROBERT, Wells, br. of John, own. alleg. to Mass. 1653, town clk. 1659, there was liv. 1668, and 9, yet this yr. with inhab. at Dover, and I judge not be the same wh. set. at Exceter, and was in 1684, a counsel. He must have disagr. with the royal Gov." WADLEIGH, Captain Amos (I558)
74 "Was a freeman of town of Portsmouth, Oct. 16, 1668 and of the colony of Portsmouth, May 4, 1675. Pn jury of COurt of Tryalls from Portsmouth, Oct. 2, 1677. Was a selectman in Dartmouth, 1686 and 1690, and a representative, 1685." TRIPP, Joseph (I971)
75 "Was a laborer who helped build railroad bridges. His parents were from Ireland and immigrated to Windsor, Vermont. Later moved to Detroit." (Margaret McCarthy Sturgis recollection.) MCCARTHY, Timothy (I479)
76 "William Merrick, the oldest of the four brothers who reached Charlsetown in the good ship "James" in the spring of 1936, was born in Wales in 1603." MERRICK, William M. (I688)
77 "William P. Sturgis lived at West Gorham, from which place he moved to Walla Walla, Washington. He married Susan, daughter of James and Hannah Cressey of Buxton." (History of Gorham, ME, 1903)

Susan M., born 1820, married in 1843 William P. Sturgis, Gorham. He was a fox hunter, trapper, blacksmith and farmer, was Corporal in Company K, 9th Regiment, Maine Infantry, wounded in action and taken to hospital in Civil War. In 1871 they moved to Walla Walla, Washington, where he was engaged in sheep raising. They both died in 1902 at 84 and 84. (http://lrcressy.com/family/fam-tree/0287.html)

"...Crossed the continent in 1871, and the family located near what is now the city of Athena, in Umatilla County, Oregon, where the father engaged in the sheep business." (Centennial History of Oregon, p.356)

"Member of Ninth Maine Infantry, mustered in, Sept. 22, 1861; mustered out July 13, 1865." 
STURGIS, William Paine (I423)
78 "WILLIAM, Duxbury, 1640, was one of the orig. proprs. of Bridgewater, early rem. to Eastham, by w. Rebecca had William, b. 15 Sept. 1643; Stephen, 12 Mar 1646; Rebecca, 28 July 1648; Mary, 4 Nov. 1650; Ruth, 15 May 1652; Sarah, 1 Aug. 1654; John, 15 Jan. 1657; Isaac, 6 Jan. 1661; Joseph, 1 June 1662; and Benjamin, 1 Feb. 1665; was an ens. and d. a. 1688. Mary m. 23 May, 1667, Stephen Hopkins. " MERRICK, William M. (I688)
79 "WILLIAM, Eastham, eldest s. of the preced. m. 23 May 1667, Abigail, d. of Giles Hopkins, had Rebecca, b. 28 July 1668; and William, 1 Aug. 1670, and d. 20 Mar. foll.

Of this name, that is frequently giv. Mirrick or Myrick four had, in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and three at Yale. [[vol. 3, p. 199]]" 
MERRICK, Ensign William (I943)
80 "WILLIAM, Plymouth, the famous Elder, claim. of liberal Christians everlast. gratitude, as the earliest of disting. Puritan laymen in Eng,. came in the Mayflower, 1620, with his w. two younger s. the w. of the eldest, and her s. William. He was b. 1563 (prob. but earlier by some computa.) at Scrooby, in Nottinghampsh. at the manor hall of wh. vill. belong. to the archbp. of York, he afterwards long resid. the same house at wh. Cardinal Wolsey had made his last stop, bef. reach. home in his final journey, on compulsory retirement from court, after banishm. by King Henry VIII. thirty yrs. earlier. His f. [[vol. 1, p. 246]] prob. William, was tenant under liberal lease from archbp. Sandys, and the s. was educ. some time at Cambridge Univ. and his f. bec. as subtenant of Scrooby manor, the possessor of that very resid. of the Cardinal, and the s. therein worship. God accord. to the simple forms of the chief protestants of Protestantism. After very honora. serv. with Davidson, secr. of Queen Elizabeth he partook in the fall of that statesman, the conseq. of the Queen's heartless deception and treachery; and abandon. 1587, political life. Devot. hims. for many yrs. to relig. he was the first promin. layman wh. reject. conform. to the ceremon. of the ch. of Eng. He was in the employm. of the crown, however, as postmaster bef. Apr. 1594, at Scrooby, above a doz. yrs. after leav. London; there he m. the w. Mary. With his young friend, Bradford, after a doz. yrs. to be made Gov. of New Plymouth and others, he pass. a. 1607 or 8, into Holland for enjoym. of worship without the many idle forms, on wh. King James had set his heart, and was rul. Elder of the ch. at Leyden of wh. John Robinson was teach. as he had been prob. at Scrooby. His ds. Patience and Fear, came in the Ann, 1623; and on 5 Aug. of next yr. Patience m. Thomas Prence, afterwards the gov. and d. 1634; and Fear m. 1626, Isaac Allerton, as his sec. w. and d. 1633. His w. d. bef. 1627; and Gov. Bradford says the s. Wrestling d. bef. never m. He had early rem. to Duxbury, and there, under the same roof with Love, d. 16 Apr. 1643, after one day's illness. His inv. has proof in the titles of the books of honora. regard for letters. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 174. Bradford's Memoir of him is in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. 461. See, also, Davis's Morton; Hunter's First Colonists of N. E., of wh. the best impres. is in 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 52; and Shurtlef's Recollect. of the Pilgr. in Russell's Guide to Plymouth. It may be useful to mark the error of so valua. an auth. as Baylies, in II. 6, where he gives to our most glorious of the Mayflower's passeng. three ch. Lucretia, Mary, and William, and is even so rash as to say, two of them were b. in America. Yet if b. on our side of the water, he ought to have presum. they could not, from his age, be ch. of the Elder. The first was w. others, ch. of Jonathan. " BREWSTER, William (I587)
81 "WILLIAM, Topsfield, s. of George of the same, was nam. for his gr.f. in Eng. and after d. of his d. and m. of his mo. again, was carr. by her to Nantucket in 1658, m. 11 Apr. 1669, Mary, d. of Thomas Macy, founder of that settlem. had George, b. 22 Apr. 1671; John, 23 July 1673; Jonathan, 25 Feb. 1675; Peleg, 1 Dec. 1676; Jabez, 7 Nov. 1678; Thomas, 8 Apr. 1680; and Benjamin, 28 May 1683; and d. 26 June 1712." BUNKER, William (I815)
82 'Jinny Jones was born August 29th 1827.' JONES, Jane (I426)
83 1. Held public office with other silversmiths in North Ward.

2. Made freeman of New York City, 30 May 1700.

In the name of God, Amen. I, JESSE KIP, of Newtown, in Queens County, being in good health. I leave to my wife Mary all my estate, real and personal, of houses, mills and goods while she remains my widow. If my wife remarries she shall give a true inventory to my executors of all houses, lands and goods, which are to be divided as follows: To my eldest son Jacobus, ?10. Of the rest, one half to go to my wife and her heirs and assigns. The other half to my children, Jacobus, Abraham, Jesse, Johanes, Wilhelminus, Benjamin and Elizabeth. If my wife dies my widow, then all the estate to my children. My executors have power to sell lands if necessary. I make my wife Mary and my cousin, John Stevenson, of Westchester, and my nephew, Jacobus Kip, of New York, executors.

Witnesses, Andries Marschalk, Isaac Kip, Jr., Francis Cowenhoven.

Proved, April 30, 1722, before Isaac Bobin, Gent., "by me authorized and appointed." 
KIP, Jesse (I1490)
84 1880 Census shows:
Jane a.52, Widow, birthplace TN. Father's bp: TN mother's bp:MD
John a. 31 bp: IA Father's bp: TN mother's bp:TN
Lina a. 21 bp: IA Father's bp: TN mother's bp:TN
Clara a.19 bp: IA Father's bp: TN mother's bp:TN
Census place: Weston, Umatilla, Oregon 
JONES, Jane (I426)
85 1880 U.S. census shows:
William R. Smith a.62 bp. TN. Farmer, Father's bp: Ireland, Mother's bp: TN

Mary E. Smith a.56 bp. TN. Keeping house. Father's bp; TN, Mother's bp: TN

Jesse W. Smith, son. a.22 bp: TN. Works on farm.

Mary I. Smith, dau a.19 bp: TN. At home

Dennis S. Smith son, a17 bp: TN. Works on farm.

Roda I Smith, dau a.15 bp: TN, At home

McDonald Smith, son, a.12 bp: TN. Works on farm.

James Barnett, nephew a.15 bp: TN. Works on farm.

District 8, Monroe, Tennessee. 
SMITH, William Ralph (I427)
86 7 Apr 1834 - is date of death according to gravestone in Highland Cemetery, Buxton, Maine. MCDONALD, Susanna (I555)
87 According to Cy Sturgis III, William, Susan, and Sam Sturgis took a ship to Panama, rode a train across the isthmus, and took another ship to Washington. STURGIS, William Paine (I423)
88 According to gravestone in Highland Cemetery, Buxton, Maine. MCDONALD, Susanna (I555)
89 According to Merrick, the ancestory of Rebecca Merrick is "unknown." TRACY, Rebecca (I689)
90 Also father of Thomas Hinckley, the governor of Plymouth Colony. Came to New England in March 1634/5 in the "Hercules", accompanied by his wife and four unnamed children. HINCKLEY, Samuel (I915)
91 Amos Wadling and Jemima Fenno Wadling had daughters Jemima (20 May 1727) and Mahitabel (31 Jan 1730) in Milton. WADLEIGH, Deborah (I557)
92 Appears in Wm Smith entry in 1870 census (on 21 Jul 1870) DUNN, Rhoda (I440)
93 Apphia (Quick) Freeman was the widow of Samuel Freeman. QUICK, Apphia (I897)
94 Became US citizen in 1868, according to 1910 census. BINCET DITE BASSETT, Marie Victoire (I480)
95 Birth date from visa application. Also in 1901 Canadian Census. LITTLE, William Edgar Bockus (I481)
96 Born in Jamestown or North Kingstown. BULL, Josiah (I743)
97 Came from England to New England about the year 1637 and settled in Lynn, Massachusetts. The family moved to Nobscussett, in Yarmouth, which is todat Dennis, Mass., in March of 1638. HOWES, Thomas (I925)
98 Came on Mayflower with husband John Tilley and daughter Elizabeth.


Joan Hurst was born in 1567/8 in Henlow, Bedford, England, the daughter of William and Rose Hurst. She married first to Thomas Rogers in 1593 (not related to the Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers). With her husband Thomas, she had a daughter Joan, baptized on 26 May 1594 in Henlow. When Thomas died, around 1594 or thereabouts, she remarried to John Tilly in 1596.

John and Joan (Hurst)(Rogers) Tilley came on the Mayflower in 1620, bringing with them daughter Elizabeth. Joan, along with her husband, died the first winter at Plymouth, orphaning their 13-year old daughter Elizabeth in the New World. Elizabeth would later marry to Mayflower passenger John Howland. 
HURST, Joan (I467)
99 Came on Mayflower with parents. Left as a 13-year old orphan when her parents died the first winter.


Elizabeth Tilley was born in 1607 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, the daughter of John and Joan (Hurst)(Rogers) Tilley. She came with her parents on the Mayflower in 1620. Both her parents died the first winter at Plymouth, leaving her orphaned at the age of 13 in the New World. She married to Mayflower passenger John Howland around 1625 at Plymouth. 
TILLEY, Elizabeth (I465)
100 Came on Mayflower with wife Joan and daughter Elizabeth.


John Tilley was born in 1571 in Henlow, Bedford, England, and married the widowed Joan (Hurst) Rogers on 20 September 1596 in Henlow. He, his wife Joan, and his youngest daughter Elizabeth all came on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1620.

John and his wife both died the first winter at Plymouth, orphaning the 13-year old Elizabeth Tilley in the New World. Elizabeth would later marry to Mayflower passenger John Howland. 
TILLEY, John (I466)

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